How to Plan an Effective Timesharing Schedule

How to Plan an Effective Timesharing Schedule

How to Plan an Effective Timesharing Schedule

What is a Timesharing Schedule?

In the state of Florida, child visitation schedules are called timesharing schedules. 

The holiday season can pose some challenges for separated or divorced parents. When emotions run high and both parents want as much time with their child as possible, conflicts can arise. Disagreements about visitation can make an already stressful situation even more taxing. However, implementing a timesharing schedule can make all the difference when it comes to easing the stresses of co-parenting. Here are some tips on how both parents can be involved with visitation planning.

Starting Your Timesharing Schedule

A timesharing schedule can be as simple as using a shared calendar online or marking the days on a wall calendar. The following three things should be included in your visitation calendar so that both parents are on the same page:

  • Regular Schedule - The regular schedule maps out which parent the child will live with on designated days. Sometimes, parents will divide this time evenly if they live close to each other. The schedule should address your family's individual circumstances, such as sports practice, music lessons, and youth groups.
  • Holidays - Special occasions such as religious observances, birthdays, or any other holiday can be mapped out fairly on your visitation schedule.
  • Vacations - Vacation planning can be challenging due to school and work schedule conflicts. Taking note of when your child has school breaks and summer vacations can help you effectively coordinate schedules.

How to Handle International Timesharing

Planning timesharing when one parent lives out of the country can be difficult. Many parents are also concerned about their child’s safety when traveling abroad as well as the increased risks of family abductions. International custody and visitation are incredibly complicated. If you are a parent concerned about how to handle your child’s visitation abroad, it’s essential to consult an international family lawyer.

Contact an International Family Law Attorney

Planning an effective timesharing schedule can be a trying task. However, an international family law attorney will be able to help ease some of the burdens that come with creating a fair visitation schedule for both parents.

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