Advantages of Collaborative Law in Orlando

Advantages of Collaborative Law in Orlando

Advantages of Collaborative Law in Orlando

Are you in need of legal assistance but don't want to spend many emotional and costly hours in a courtroom?  Collaborative law is the solution you are looking for.  Collaborative law aims to settle disputes without the litigation ever seeing a courtroom, and instead troubleshooting different solutions before deciding on a settlement.  Each of the teams enlists their own highly qualified collaborative law attorney in Orlando to represent them in these discussions.  There are a few advantages of using collaborative law to settle your family law case in Orlando.

Collaborative Law Offers Compromise

One of the main reason people choose a collaborative law approach to settle their case is because it focuses on compromise.  This provides each party with a win-win scenario.  When your case goes to court, it becomes a battle that adds much emotional stress and frustration.  People can avoid this by settling their disputes and coming to a settlement in a much peaceful manner.

Collaborative Law Doesn't Involve the Courts

Collaborative law does not occur inside a courtroom.  During collaborative law proceedings, neither of the parties is permitted to threaten or use court actions to resolve the issues.  All efforts focus on avoiding court proceedings entirely.  In fact, if the collaborative law process is ineffective, the present attorneys are no longer permitted to work the case.  That means that people have to start over if they choose to involve the court system.

Collaborative Law Upholds Respect

During most court proceedings, things can get ugly.  Parties can dispute and create divides in relationships that can never be repaired.  During the collaborative law process, both parties agree to keep things civil and to uphold respect.  This makes the process productive, which takes less of an emotional toll on each party.  Mutual respect is necessary for making a compromise that works for both parties, and it also helps to keep the relationship intact for any future needs.

Collaborative Law Saves You Money

By avoiding the use of the court and its resources, people save a lot of money when they use the collaborative law process.  Instead of paying costly bills to their legal team for mediation, preparation, and then the actual proceedings, money is instead spent on actual discussion and reaching compromise.  This helps them from forking out extremely expensive bills on lawyers.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should consider collaborative law for your family law case.  This process aims to solve problems without costing you damage to your family and burning a hole through your wallet.  It can save you from the frustration that many family cases endure.  Instead of focusing on a winners and losers ending, the process becomes about reaching compromise.  When you choose collaborative law, choose to work with the best collaborative law attorney in Orlando.  Contact us today to meet with a member of our legal team.


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