Eight Ways to Survive the Holidays as a New Co-Parent

Eight Ways to Survive the Holidays as a New Co-Parent

Eight Ways to Survive the Holidays as a New Co-Parent

Have you and your spouse recently decided to split up?  Many people have been faced with challenges this year, and this has led to the dissolution of many relationships and marriages. However, when you have children, you are likely trying to come up with a resolution that puts the kids first.  Entering into a co-parenting agreement is a great way to keep the kids out of your conflict and enjoy your time with them, even if things look different this year.  With the holidays around the corner, you may find yourself struggling to come to an agreement that works for the both of you.  As a family law practice in Orlando, we offer advice on how to approach co-parenting for the first time.  There are a few tips you can follow to survive the first holidays in your new co-parenting situation.

Plan As Much in Advance

Instead of waiting until the week of the holidays, sit with your ex and discuss plans now.  Taking the time to map out experiences that you want to have with the kids and schedules that work for both of your plans will alleviate much stress later on.  Having a plan will also allow the kids to be clued into their arrangements for the holidays.   Everyone can prepare for their events and experiences well in advance, which will make everything run smoothly once the holidays arrive.

Have a Plan in the Event of Tighter Restrictions

With the rising cases of coronavirus and the difficult winter conditions ahead, you may want to discuss what your arrangement will be in the event of tighter social restrictions in the state of Florida.  If you live in a separate home from your ex, you will want to keep the kids as safe as possible by coming up with an arrangement that works.  Both you and your ex will want to see the kids, and this can be difficult with tighter restrictions.  Have these conversations in advance with the health guidelines in mind so that you are prepared in the event of tighter restrictions.

Start New Traditions

Out with the old, and in with the new.  With the changes of co-parenting and your separation, this might be the perfect year to try some new traditions.  Depending on your relationship with your ex, you may want to have one or two events where you get together as a family unit to celebrate one of the holidays.  If this isn't possible, consider adding some new events in your new home with just your children.  Provide them with new traditions to make the changes more positive.

Be Flexible

Even with a plan intact, you should still have flexibility.  If work comes up, this may make you late for picking up the kids one evening.  If the weather poses hazardous conditions, this can also alter plans.  Be prepared but also be flexible to some unforeseen circumstances.  When you alleviate the pressure of the holidays, you will find more joy and relaxation when you spend time with your kids.

Don't Try to Buy Love

As a separated parent, you may find yourself trying to make up for the difficult circumstances by spending more money on presents.  However, don't try to buy your kids' love by adding a few more presents under the tree this year.  Take the time to have meaningful experiences with them and provide them with the support and conversation that they are likely craving.  Spending time making memories is always a better way than spending a few extra dollars on more gifts.

Listen to Your Kids

When you plan certain events, you should always include your kids.  Even though this is a tough situation for you, you should always be sure that your kids are taken care of first and foremost.  This includes asking them about what they want and how they prefer to spend their holidays.  Before you make any final choices, you should always consult your children to hear their opinions.  Listen to what they have to say, and then implement some of their feedback into your co-parenting schedule.

Keep Conflict Away from the Kids

If you have left a bitter relationship, you want to keep that resentment, bitterness, or anger away from your children.  This is especially important during the holidays.  The holidays are a joyful time of year, and your kids are likely struggling with their new normal as well.  Instead of spending your time talking badly about your ex or being sad about your situation, embrace the time you are spending with your children.  Enjoy their company and save the fights for another day.

Consult an Attorney

If you have issues coming up with an arrangement that works for both you and your ex, you may need to consult an attorney.  A professional will be able to work with you to discuss what is right and what each of you deserves.  Taking this to court can present more challenges and become time-consuming, but it may be what you have to do to come to an agreement.  Working with a quality family law practice in Orlando can provide you with the insight and advocacy you need to settle the parenting agreement.

These are a few tips to follow to survive the holidays in your new co-parenting arrangement.  When you have the right mindset and come up with a schedule that works for everyone in the family, you can enjoy making new holiday memories as a new version of family.  When you are looking for a quality family law practice in Orlando to take care of any parenting arrangements or other family legal matters, contact Your Orlando Lawyer today.

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