Four Reasons to Get a Prenup

Four Reasons to Get a Prenup

Four Reasons to Get a Prenup

When you are planning your wedding, you almost never think about the possibility of divorce. Sometimes, however, a lot of unforeseen drama can be avoided if you think about the future possibility of divorce and file a prenuptial agreement.  Even though you hope to never use this agreement, it is a safety net to fall back on just in case.  Our attorneys specialize in prenuptial agreements in Orlando, however we still see a lot of difficult divorces that could have been made easier by filling out these agreements beforehand.  There are four great reasons to get a prenup before you get married.


If your spouse was carrying a lot of credit card debt or student loan payments, this could potentially fall on you during a split.  By filling out a prenuptial agreement prior to the marriage, you will ensure that your spouse's debt will not fall on your shoulders should you split.  This will protect you from having to pay off your spouse's debts after you have split, which is a possibility if it is claimed at community property during the divorce proceedings.


Divorce can happen for a number of reasons, and sometimes this leaves one of the parties bitter or resentful.  These can cause difficult and challenging times for both parties, and it can lead to poor decision making during the divorce process.  Because divorce is an emotionally charged decision, it can lead to stress.  When you have a prenup in place, you will avoid this stress.  You've already taken all of the steps to secure your separate property prior to the marriage, so you will have less to worry about during the divorce.

Lengthy Divorce Proceedings

Divorce is not only a long, personal journey.  It is also a long legal journey.  When you assemble a team from a family law practice in Orlando, your lawyers will work tirelessly to meet your needs and wants during your divorce proceedings.  This, however, may take time.  A prenuptial agreement can quicken divorce proceedings and allow you to have the freedom to move on and begin a new chapter sooner.

Unequal Division of Assets

Without a prenup, you will have to make decisions about dividing your assets during the divorce process itself.  This can lead to emotional, bitter, irrational, and even resentful choices to be made.  Depending on the circumstances surrounding your split, you may become victim to unequal division of assets and instead lose belongings or property that you wanted.  By filling out a prenuptial agreement beforehand, you avoid this issue.  Instead, you'll be able to claim what is rightfully yours.

When you go through divorce proceedings, you may end up fighting with your spouse, which can lead to a lengthy, difficult, and emotional divorce process.  You can avoid this by simply filling out a prenuptial agreement prior to the marriage.  Our attorneys can help you file your prenuptial agreements in Orlando.  Contact us to get started and protect your individual assets today.


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