Four Things to Expect in Family Law Mediation

Four Things to Expect in Family Law Mediation

Four Things to Expect in Family Law Mediation

Are you looking to settle longtime family disputes with the help of a lawyer?  Do you want to avoid the lengthy litigation and drama of a long court case?  Family law mediation is one of the most popular ways to settle family disputes without having to set foot in the courtroom.  We handle disputes ranging from divorce to child custody to parenting agreements in Orlando.  Mediation is one of the most commonly recommended methods to settle family disputes because they are less stressful, more private, and quicker.  There are a few things to expect when you choose to use family law mediation to settle your case.

You Will Use a Third-Party

When you settle your family disputes in mediation, you will still use the assistance and guidance of a third party.  Our family law practice will work with both parties to come to an agreement that is mutually agreed upon.  When in mediation, we will openly discuss the wishes of each party so that we can come to an agreement that suits everyone's needs as best as possible.  This will typically be done under legal counsel as a third-party.

You Will Save Time and Money

Mediation is typically the route that most people choose for their family law disputes simply because it saves everyone time and money.  When you take your case to court, you should be more prepared to wait longer for a resolution and pay more attorneys' fees for preparation and litigation assistance.  Family law mediation will allow both parties to mutually agree upon a resolution and move forward into the next chapter of their lives.

You Will Draft a Mediation Agreement

 Before you start the mediation process, you will draft and sign a mediation agreement.  This document will address issues from both parties, so that there is a focus and intention during all the meetings.  Also, it will state the role of the mediator and the importance of disclosure during mediation.

Your Lawyer Will Prepare a Brief

Your lawyer will draft a brief that states the issues that will be disputed, the relevant statements from both parties, and any documentation that will be used throughout the process.  If the lawyer isn't the chosen mediator, they will send the brief to the mediator so they have time to review the document before the mediation begins.  This will give them awareness to the situation so that they can rapidly work on resolution during the mediation with both parties.

These are a few of the things you should expect when you choose family law mediation.  At our law firm, we will provide you with expert consultation and negotiation in cases dealing with divorce, division of assets, alimony, and parenting agreements in Orlando.  Contact us to schedule a consultation with our top attorneys and get legal help today.

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