Four Ways to Handle Divorce and Kids During COVID-19

Four Ways to Handle Divorce and Kids During COVID-19

Four Ways to Handle Divorce and Kids During COVID-19

Have you and your spouse recently called it quits on your marriage?  The year 2020 has tested us all, and some of us didn't make it out without needing a few changes to our lives.  When you know that your marriage is over, you will want to have discussions about the kids before you move out and start the next chapter.  It may take a little time to come up with one of our parenting agreements in Orlando that works for your family.  In the meantime, you'll want to follow these few tips to handle divorce with children during COVID-19.

Create Routine in the House

Even though you know that your relationship is already over, living under the same roof will still have challenges.  Be sure to create a routine in the house so that each of you has expectations of the living situation.  If you can, create separate spaces that are designated for specific purposes.  This will allow you to live peacefully with someone that you know you'll be divorcing soon.

Keep Conflict Away from the Kids

One of the worst things that you can do is live under the same roof but continue fighting in front of your children.  If you chose to stay in the same home to keep your family safe from the risk of COVID-19, you will want to keep the conflict away from the kids.  This may be difficult, as you and your kids are likely home most of the day.  However, come up with a way to have heated discussions when they are preoccupied or busy with other things.

Be Patient and Understanding

Neither of you have caused the pandemic to occur, which means that the situation is out of your control.  Because of this, you should be patient and understanding throughout the situation.  Take time to educate yourselves on the safety and health of your family and community, and try to be patient about life returning to normal.  Establish a new normal until you can work out your divorce and fully part ways with one another.

Discuss Parenting Agreements in Orlando

Before you leave your home and find a new place to live, you should discuss how you will co-parent your children with your spouse. During this time, it can be difficult to arrange a co-parenting strategy because of the restrictions on lives.  To stay safe and keep the kids together, you may choose to stay under one roof until the threat of the coronavirus is over.  No matter what you decide, you'll make sure that you discuss it and agree upon it together.  

Once you've chosen that your relationship is over, you may struggle to still live with your spouse before you've discussed an arrangement on how you'll handle the kids.  When it comes time for you to file one of our parenting agreements in Orlando, you'll want the attorneys at Your Orlando Lawyer to take care of your legal needs.  Contact us to schedule a consultation today.

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