How Can I Prepare For My Custody Case in an Orlando Court?

How Can I Prepare For My Custody Case in an Orlando Court?

How Can I Prepare For My Custody Case in an Orlando Court?

Appearing in court can be both nerve-wracking and intimidating.  You are fighting for what is most important to you -- the ability to see your children.    When this battle requires legal interference, it is a serious matter that cannot be easily resolved between you and the other parent.  If you are faced with custody proceedings by working with our top child custody attorney in Orlando to determine the custody of your children, it is important to be prepared.  There are four important ways you can prepare for when you need to appear in court to settle a custody case.

Anticipate Questions about Your Life

When you prepare, you want to anticipate questions that the judge will ask you.  For example, if you are working parent, they may ask about childcare arrangements while you are away at work, or they may ask about your living arrangements if you are preparing to move after your split from your spouse.  You want to prepare for these questions so that you will show that you are fit for any parenting responsibility.

Expect Only a Small Gathering

Any family matter that is brought to the court will only draw a small crowd of people.  Not only is the crowd of people smaller, but the room that actually holds the court proceeding is also typically smaller than most.  This may take place in one of the smaller courtrooms in the courthouse, simply because this matter should be more easily resolved than criminal cases.

Prepare for Brief Proceedings

Custody court proceedings do not typically take a long time to discuss and resolve.  In fact, most judges hear many custody cases in one work day.  This also means that preparation is critical.  You want to work with the best family law practice in Winter Park and team of attorneys for a lengthy time prior to the actual proceedings.  This preparation will ensure that you maximize your window of time spent in the courtroom to defend your stance.

Expect a Quick Decision

After both sides have presented their arguments, and the judge has had the opportunity to talk with any other parties if needed, they typically reach a quick decision.  The judge will provide you with the decision, which determines which parent is the custodial parent and also a visitation schedule.  This schedule must be followed to avoid any legal consequences.  

These are a few of the things you should expect if you find yourself involved in custody proceedings in court.  As a trusted child custody attorney in Orlando, we help our clients get the best results in their custody battle.  We want to find the best results to keep families together and give the children the opportunity to be with both loving, fit parents.  Contact us today if you are looking for the best attorney to help you get what you rightfully deserve.


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