How to Start the Conversation about a Prenup

How to Start the Conversation about a Prenup

How to Start the Conversation about a Prenup

Getting engaged is an exciting time.  There are many exciting discussions about your future and many celebrations of your love.  However, there are also some difficult financial discussions that may need to be brought up, which can put a damper on all the happy news.  Discussions about prenuptial agreements in Orlando are necessary, but they can be difficult to start.  No one wants to sound like a jerk in asking to keep their financial assets, such as property or business, separate from their marital assets.  In many cases, it can be a great idea to ask for a prenup before getting married.  When it comes time for you to bring up the topic of a prenup, we suggest you follow these few tips to avoid conflict or hurt.

Bring it Up Early

If you are considering a prenup, you should bring it up as early as possible after you get engaged.  As you have conversations about what you expect in your marriage and for your future, you should discuss your financial expectations.  This is a great way to transition into the discussion of a prenup.  By starting this conversation early, you get it out of the way so both of you can be more relaxed moving forward.

Make Choices Together

Even though a prenup will protect your separate assets, you should still make these choices as a team.  Involving your future spouse in these conversations will allow them to also be a participant, which shows that you value their opinion.  Consider hiring an attorney that specializes in prenuptial agreements in Orlando to help you mediate the negotiations and work toward the right compromises.

Be Honest

Both you and your partner should be honest about what you need and want from the prenup.  You'll want to have an open mind to all suggestions from both your partner and your attorneys.  Approach these conversations with sensitivity and allow each party to express their concerns or issues.  This will make the prenup process go much more smoothly, which will pave the way for a good marriage based on compromise.

Don't Be Afraid of Change

As time passes, you may need to make adjustments to your prenup.  If kids are involved, businesses ar acquired, and other financial changes are made, you may need to change your prenup throughout time.  Make sure you are both flexible to these changes.  As you grow in marriage, your needs and desires may also change as well.

These are a few ways to bring up the delicate, but necessary conversation about a prenup.  Once you begin the discussions with your fiancé, you will likely feel much more comfortable moving forward together as a couple while still knowing your business or financial assets are protected.  If you are looking for experienced attorneys to help with your prenuptial agreements in Orlando, contact us to schedule a consultation today.

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