Three Facts About Alimony Payments

Three Facts About Alimony Payments

Three Facts About Alimony Payments

Divorce can be a complicated process.  It can be a confusing process.  It can also be an unwanted process.  Sometimes divorcing couples are divided on whether the marriage is over, which makes for a tough legal process.  As an international divorce attorney in Orlando, we can be your trusted advisors to help you through the financial aspect of divorce, which can be complicated with multiple parties involved.  Payments like alimony, child support, spousal support, and other financial terms are words that you will become very familiar with.  There are three facts you should know about alimony payments before you get started with the divorce process.

It is Not the Same as Child Support Payments

Many people assume that alimony is similar to child support, but it isn't.  Alimony is spousal support that is often determined by a variety of factors, such as length of the marriage, income of each member, age, health, and division of property.  Child support, on the other hand, is determined based off the needs of your children, such as their food, shelter, and costs of other basic necessities.  

It Differs By State

Before you file for divorce, you'll want to familiarize yourself with your state's alimony rules.  Each state has different alimony requirements and payment enforcement methods.  By being aware of these before you go through a divorce, you avoid any surprises.  For example, California will not consider fault when calculating alimony.  This means that you won't pay more for alimony when you make a mistake that ends your marriage.  In some states, however, your actions could result in a higher payment.  Other states, like Georgia and North Carolina, limit the amount of alimony someone can receive if they are at fault for the end of the relationship.

It May Not Be Permanent

Alimony is typically given as a temporary solution to help financially dependent spouses make the transition into independence.  Once they learn that they are getting a divorce, they should then seek ways to become financially independent of their ex.  Courts issue alimony as a temporary solution to help those individuals transition without worrying about being broke right from the start.  The length of your alimony payments are decided on as part of your divorce agreement.  Trust the best family law practice to help you decide the fair amount of time and money that should go into your alimony payments.

These are three facts that many people do not know about alimony payments until they are going through the divorce process.  As an international divorce attorney in Orlando, we can prepare you for alimony, child support, and divorce regulations for the state of Florida.  We consult you by provide ng expert opinions on how to proceed with the financial aspects of divorce.  Contact our reputable team of attorneys to schedule an appointment today.

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