Three Reasons You Need a Family Lawyer for Mediation

Three Reasons You Need a Family Lawyer for Mediation

Three Reasons You Need a Family Lawyer for Mediation

Are you going through a divorce but attempting to come to an agreement without taking it to court?  Are you trying to avoid lengthy legal proceedings by going through mediation?  There are a few great reasons why you should consider mediation instead of lengthy legal proceedings.  Not only will it save you money, but it will help save you time and resources as well.  By attempting to resolve your divorce issues before moving to court, you avoid many issues.  You will, however, still want to consider having a neutral party to help with your division of assets in Orlando.  We can help you through these issues without any extra legal proceedings.  There are three reasons why you should consider hiring us to be your mediation lawyer.

Divorce in Orlando

When you are mediating during a divorce, it can be tough to come to an easy compromise.  Often times, there is one party who is happier than another, or perhaps both parties are unhappy with the proposed resolution.  It can be extremely helpful to have an attorney present during these sessions when you and your spouse have difficulty reaching agreement.  Also, if there is an unbalance in the power of the relationship, an attorney should be present.  When going through mediation during a divorce, you always want to have an advocate present to protect what you deserve.

Division of Assets in Orlando

Similar to a divorce situation, the division of assets should also use an attorney during mediation.  Because many expensive assets will be disputed, it is always recommended to have an attorney present for fair division.  Property, investments, homes, and more valuables will be divided up, and this can cause much emotional stress and frustration on both parties.  In order to stay focused and avoid emotionally charged decisions, you should consider hiring a lawyer from a family law practice in Orlando to represent you.

Confusion of Legalities

Many times, people hire lawyers because they need assistance with the legal proceedings in general.  Because legal jargon can be difficult to understand, it is important to hire someone who can help you through this process.  If you are having trouble understanding the legal ramifications of your case, you need to hire legal representation.  During mediation, you will have an opportunity to privately discuss any of the legalities and terms with your attorney.  This advice will help you work through your issues with your spouse so you can reach agreement without needing to involve the courts.

These are just three reasons why you may need a mediation lawyer to act as a neutral third party when you are working through a divorce.  If you are trying to prevent lengthy legal proceedings and rationally deal with your divorce smoothly and quietly, mediation is for you.  When you are in need of a quality mediation lawyer, contact us to schedule a consultation today.

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