What Difficulties Can I Expect When I Choose to Adopt?

What Difficulties Can I Expect When I Choose to Adopt?

What Difficulties Can I Expect When I Choose to Adopt?

Making the choice to adopt a child into your family is not a decision that comes lightly.  When you finally decide to take on an adopted child, it is a big moment for you and that future child of yours.  Adoption is one of the most rewarding experiences, but it is also challenging.  As a family law practice in Orlando, we help many families with the legal process behind adoption.  Because it can pose many challenges or complications, you will want to be prepared with the right advocacy by your side.   There are a few difficulties that you should prepare yourself for when you choose to adopt.

Financial Questions

During the adoption process, the judge will base his decision on the family's ability to provide for the family.  Your financial status will be taken into account, as they want to be sure that you can provide the basic needs and essentials for the adopted child.  If they notice any instability or potential issues with your finances, this may become an issue that you'll need to defend.

Status of Your Residence

In many adoption cases, a social worker will come to your residence to assess your living situation.  They want to be sure that it is safe and ideal for bringing an adopted child to live there.  Being in-between housing arrangements, living in a dangerous or threatening neighborhood, or not keeping up with your home may pose challenges that could halt the entire process.  Take extra time to care for your home and its cleanliness before you begin your adoption.

Marital Status

Even though many states allow individuals to adopt, the status of your relationships or marriage may still play a role in the adoption.  If the judge looks at your previous relationship history and believes the child will not be suited for you, this could complicate the process.  Consider your dating history and the stability of your relationships before you begin the process, and be sure that you hire the right family lawyer to support you through this.

Consent from Adopted Child's Legal Parents

Many adoptions do not even begin to be considered by the courts with the legal parents' consent.  However, sometimes this can become an issue during the process.  Without the legal or biological parents' consent, their parental rights cannot be terminated.  This means that the adoption process will be at a standstill unless the courts have reason to intervene to remove the child from their care.

These are some of the difficulties that you may encounter in the adoption process.  Although the road may get tough, we urge you to stay strong so that you can have the child that belongs in your family.  If you are looking for help with the legal side of the adoption process, you'll want to contact our experienced family law practice in Orlando to advocate for you.  Contact us to schedule an consultation and learn your right today.

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