What Happens When I File a Complaint with My Lawyer?

What Happens When I File a Complaint with My Lawyer?

What Happens When I File a Complaint with My Lawyer?

Are you the victim of crime that left you injured, robbed, emotionally scarred, or even physically abused?  There are countless reasons why people file complaints with their lawyer, but all of them may be entitled to some sort of compensation if their defendant is found to be guilty in court.  As a top family law practice in Orlando, we help many of our clients settle deals in family court.  Once a complaint is filed, this set the legal process in motion and alerts the courts, defendant, and any other parties involved that the case will be seen.  There are a few steps in the legal process that will occur after you file your complaint with your attorney.

The First Responsive Pleading Takes Place

After a defendant is aware of the case against him, he will have the opportunity to respond with an answer that either admits or denies the charges against him.  This will determine whether he wants a jury trial, mediation, or dismissal of the case.  The judge will then grant or deny this motion depending on their stance.

Parties Enter the Discovery Period

Once a trial timeline has been issued, each party will have the opportunity to request and obtain information from each other to better prepare for their case.  This may involve procuring witnesses or documentation as evidence that will help them prove their points in front of the judge and jury.

Mediation Will Be Attempted

Before the case is tried in court, attorneys may actually hear the case and decide on a proper case evaluation or mediation of the case in order to attempt resolution before court litigation.  Once this is proposed, each party has the opportunity to agree upon this evaluation to settle the case.  

The Case Will Go to Trial

If the case does not settle in mediation, it will then go to trial.  Trial will require the most extensive preparation for each party in order to fight for what their respective clients deserve.  Arguments and evidence will be presented, and a judge will have the information to make a verdict on the settlement of the case.

You Have the Chance to Appeal the Case

If you are unhappy with the outcome of the case and believe that it is worth fighting, you can file an appeal to have your case reexamined by a higher court.  This will require a brief to be drafted, explaining why the court's decision should be reversed.

These are the steps in the legal process that are set into motion when you file a complaint with your lawyers in order to have your case tried by a judge.  Whether you are working with a personal injury lawyer or family law practice in Orlando, you will want to choose the best attorney for your needs.  Contact our expert family lawyers to hear about how we can help you settle your case today.

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