Why You Should File a Domestic Abuse Lawsuit

Why You Should File a Domestic Abuse Lawsuit

Why You Should File a Domestic Abuse Lawsuit

Are you the victim of a domestic abuse situation?  This can involve emotional, physical, or verbal abuse from a spouse or partner, which can have a lasting impact on your life.  As a victim of abuse, you are likely entitled to receive compensation for any damages, including medical or property damages that you've suffered during the duration of your abuse.  By trusting the experts at Your Orlando Lawyer, a top family law practice in Orlando, we provide the sensitivity and negotiation skills you'll need to fight your abuser.  There are a few reasons that you should consider filing a domestic abuse lawsuit to get what you rightfully deserve.

Get Medical Compensation

If you have suffered from abuse that has required medical attention, you are likely eligible to fight for compensation.  To receive compensation for hospital bills, treatments, or even surgeries, you will need to report the abuse and file a case with your attorneys in Orlando.  Once this occurs, we will be able to fight for you to get you the compensation you deserve.  If you have trouble paying for your medical bills or you are buried in medical debt, you may want to seek resolution to get what you deserve.  Also, if you've had to miss work because of abuse, you are also entitled to lost wages.

Get the Closure You Deserve

Victims of abuse can have a difficult time moving on from their abuser.  They may feel trapped, scared, or unable to trust anyone else.  When you press charges and fight your case in court, you may feel a sense of closure from your unfortunate situation.  This will allow you to move on from your abuser and truly feel free.  Victims of abuse may also struggle to regain control of their lives or even trust themselves, but this fight leads to empowerment.  This can give you the power to take back your life.

Get Compensation for Civil Damages

Even if you have filed for criminal charges with the police, you can still also file a civil lawsuit as well.  In fact, many abusers are entitled to both settlements in order to get the justice they deserve.  Civil lawsuits related to domestic abuse range from recouping many types of expenses, including property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering.  It is important to fight for what you have lost due to your abusers mistreatment during the course of your relationship.

These are just three of the reasons why you should consider filing a domestic abuse case with a family law practice in Orlando.  Even though it will be challenging to face your abuser and relive your trauma once again, it will be worth it when you defeat your abuser in court.  Contact our attorneys to help you fight for the closure that you deserve.

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