Why You Should Use Collaborative Law for Child Custody

Why You Should Use Collaborative Law for Child Custody

Why You Should Use Collaborative Law for Child Custody

Are you in the midst of a divorce with your spouse and wondering how to avoid conflict for the children?  Are you debating how to come to terms with the right child custody arrangement that works for everyone?  Going through a divorce with children is difficult, as it effects their lives just as much as yours.  Children, however, may not be equipped with the emotional maturity to handle the situation, so you'll want to put their safety and health first during this process.  Collaborative law is a great approach to settling your divorce without conflict, especially when it comes time to choose a child custody arrangement.  As an expert child custody attorney in Orlando, we offer support and guidance to our clients as they navigate through these tough times.  There are a few reasons why you should use collaborative law to settle your child custody battle.

It Focuses on Compromise

Compromise is critical when it comes to choosing the best child custody arrangement for your children.  During the collaborative law process, your representation will work with you and your spouse to take everyone's opinions into consideration.  This will aide in coming to a compromise that works for everyone, and it will also put the children in the forefront of the process.  

It Keeps Conflict Out of the Process

No matter the reasons for the divorce, you will want to avoid conflict in front of the children.  This also involves any issues that pertain to them, especially child custody.  To avoid making any decisions about your children's future that are fueled by anger, sadness, embarrassment, guilt, or resentment, you should use the collaborative law process.  If emotions are running high, you can have your representation be the main communicator to your spouse so that you can avoid any triggers throughout the process.  This enables you to focus on what you need for your children's best interests.

It Resolves the Issues Quicker

Lengthy divorce proceedings can take a toll on the entire family.  This can take months or even years to resolve if you choose to involve the courts.  However, the collaborative law approach will focus on making a plan that works for everyone in the most rapid and efficient way possible.  Meditators and attorneys will work with both parties to calmly and rationally take each opinion into account and find out the best solution for the children.

These are just a few of the benefits of using collaborative law to settle your child custody battle.  In order to keep the peace in the family and protect the children from a bitter divorce, you will want to focus on compromise and avoiding conflict.  Contact our child custody attorney in Orlando to hear about how we can assist you with the collaborative law process to handle your child custody plans today.

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