Can My Marriage Be Saved?

Can My Marriage Be Saved?

Can My Marriage Be Saved?

Are you and your spouse going through a rough patch in your relationship?  Are you concerned that your relationship is headed for divorce?  When the "D word" comes up, you may start to feel overwhelmed, sad, or angry that you are even contemplating it, but it is something that you may need to think about when you and your spouse are no longer able to make it work.  As an international divorce attorney in Orlando, we have helped many people make difficult decisions about their marriages and their futures when they come to us for a consultation.  However, sometimes your marriage can still be saved if you are willing to dedicate yourselves to the work.  Here are a few of the signs that you may be able to save your marriage from divorce.

You Still Care about Each Other's Needs

You should know that your relationship is worth saving when you both still care deeply about one another.  A mutual love and respect for each other is one of the key components of having a successful relationship.  Even if you have drifted apart or had your share of issues, you can still find your way back to one another if you care about what each of you needs.  Providing your partner with what they need is easy when you know, but this can still take time and effort to learn the ways that you can provide that.  Knowing that you want to is the first step.

You Enjoy Each Other's Company

Do you still want to keep your partner in your life?  Well, that is a good sign. When you truly enjoy the company of one another, you will have already jumped the first hurdle to fixing your relationship.  Even when things get tough, you can find a way back to one another when you truly want the other person to stay in your life.

You Have More than Just Physical Attraction

Some marriages only involve physical attraction, which can lead to a premature ending.  Having an attraction that offers more than just intimacy and sex is essential in having a long-lasting relationship that is about more than just physicality.  Valuing the other person, spending time with them, respecting them, and understanding their needs are also essential ingredients for a great relationship. If you express these things, you might want to do the work to save the relationship.

You Both Want to Fight for It

One of the only way to improve your relationship is if both partners are willing to participate in the process.  When you both want to fight to keep the relationship going, it can work.  However, if one spouse is pushing the other to change themselves or do the work, it may already be destined for failure.  The work needs to be done by both of you in order to have success and see change.

These are a few signs that indicate you may still have some hope to fix your marriage and avoid divorce.  When you do not notice these signs in your relationship, it may be time for you to contact our international divorce attorney in Orlando for advice on the next steps you need to take.  Contact us to schedule your consultation with our expert attorneys today.

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