Eight Common Reasons Why People File for Divorce

Eight Common Reasons Why People File for Divorce

Eight Common Reasons Why People File for Divorce

Couples that go through a divorce typically didn't expect to ever be signing their names on these papers when they first started their relationship.  Once the honeymoon phase is over and reality sets in, some couples have a difficult time dealing with the demands and work that relationships require.  Other couples simply grow apart over the length of their relationship.  Some people have issues that surface many years into their marriage.  People come to require a divorce attorney in Orlando for a variety of reasons, each one personalized to their own experiences, challenges, struggles, and situations.  However, there are a few conflicts that many relationships have in common.  Here are some of the most common reasons why people file for divorce.

Commitment Issues

When you marry someone, you typically take that as a sign of their commitment.  However, some people may still stray on their marriage or have difficulty fully committing to you.  When you live with someone who is guarded, isolated, or even incapable of sharing, you can feel worthless and unloved.  Over time, this can cause a major rift in the relationship that can lead to dissolution of your marriage.


Infidelity issues are also a top reason why many people find themselves filing for divorce.  Whenever someone steps out on their marriage and engages in an affair, they hurt their spouse.  Sometimes, these actions are irreparable.  Infidelity typically stems from other issues, but it is the straw that may break the camel's back and finalize the need for divorce.

Constant Conflict

Living in a relationship with someone that constantly picks fights, argues, and harbors resentment can take its toll.  Arguing is healthy for a relationship, but constant fighting is not.  When you argue, you should strive to reach a resolution or a compromise in order to move on from that particular dispute.  Struggling to ever get on the same page as your spouse can cause you to start to become angry, resentful, or annoyed all the time.  Working on conflict resolution in relationship counseling in Orlando is a great way to find compromise and learn from one another in a safe space.

Substance Abuse

Living with a spouse that is abusing drugs or alcohol can be difficult.  Their behaviors may be erratic, and their actions may be hurtful, strange, or unpredictable.  Urge your spouse to get help so that can do the work to get better themselves.  If your spouse has many issues with this, it could ultimately lead you to question whether you want to also go down that path with them.

Financial Stress

Money problems and disagreements also cause a lot of stress in marriages.  It is important for you to have a budget that is agreed upon by both spouses, so you can come up with a financial strategy that works for everyone.  Sometimes, one partner may feel uncomfortable with the other's spending ways.  Other times, one partner may feel uncomfortable with the other's salary.  Discuss these financial issues openly to avoid resentment.

Domestic Violence

Anytime you are in a relationship with a violent, aggressive, or harmful individual, you will want to do everything you can to safely remove yourself from harm's way.  Many people that live in domestic abuse relationships strive to find a way out and legally divorce their spouse.  Finding support and telling your story to trusted individuals will provide you with safety in your exit strategy.  Our expert divorce attorney in Orlando can be your advocate as you work through a tough divorce brought on by domestic violence and fear for your safety, and we will also help you gain a sense of security moving forward with other restraining orders and documents that prevent your ex from contacting you.

Married Too Young

Some people that get married at a young age may struggle to face all of life's challenges and changes with their spouse as they grow up and learn more about themselves.  Marrying too young is another common reason why people may get divorced.  Jumping into marriage before you are fully ready for a lifelong commitment can lead both spouses to realizing they've made a mistake.  Growing up and learning your independence is already a difficult task, and doing so alongside someone else may make it more challenging.  Many people fail to realize the marital challenges that come with a partnership, like finances, house obligations, trust, security, career changes, and much more.  

Extraordinary or Unforeseeable Circumstances

Sometimes, things happen in life that no one would have ever predicted.  These unpredictable and extraordinary events can cause a marriage to crumble.  If you suffer the loss of a child, struggle to find work after being laid off, or get diagnosed with a terminal illness, you may find that these issues put a strain on your relationship.  Perhaps the loss is too difficult to bear, the financial issues are too hard to handle, or the emotions are never fully able to be processed.  This may cause even the best of marriages to fail due to inability to handle these circumstances.  To prevent the need for a divorce attorney in Orlando when your marriage suffers from these extraordinary incidents, take the time to listen and honor your partner's needs, wants, and emotions during these hard times.  This will provide you with a sense of advocacy and support that you both need to get through any tough situation.

These are some of the most popular reasons why marriages dissolve and couples choose to file for divorce.  Divorce is tough, and it is not a choice that is made lightly.  Some couples even grapple over this decision for many years, trying different forms of therapy before they give up and call their divorce attorney in Orlando.  If you are going through a difficult divorce, you will want to trust the best attorney out there.  Contact the experts at Your Orlando Lawyer to advocate for you during your divorce today.

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