Eight Signs of a Toxic Marriage

Eight Signs of a Toxic Marriage

Eight Signs of a Toxic Marriage

Are you involved in a marriage that makes you feel scared, threatened, or abused?  Do you worry about your safety when you are with your spouse?  Toxic and abusive marriages exist, and they are more prevalent than people realize.  When you are involved in a toxic relationship, you may worry about everything you say and do, and you may worry about the consequences of what happens when your spouse is upset.  As a family law practice in Orlando, we are here to help you as you prepare to safely leave your spouse.  First, you need to recognize the signs.  These are a few signs that you may be in a toxic marriage.

You Feel Constant Judgment

When you are with a partner that constantly belittles or judges you, you may be in a toxic relationship.  Although many relationships involve criticism, there is a difference between constructive criticism and destructive criticism.  If you spouse constantly judges you by making you feel worse about yourself, this is crossing a line.  Many people may assume that this judgment is to make you better as a wife or person, but you should be with someone that treats you with value and respect.  If you find yourself spending more time worried about what your spouse is going to say, it may be time to consider divorce.

You Are Afraid to Communicate

Every relationship goes through ups and downs, and communication ruts are not uncommon.  However, when you feel like you cannot truly express your thoughts and opinions, you may be in an unfair or toxic relationship.  Communication issues can stem from distance and disagreement, but they should not stem from fear.  If you are afraid of how your spouse will react when you talk to them about your feelings, you may want to seek help to overcome this obstacle.  This is especially true if you have been hurt because of expressing your thoughts or opinions.  If this has occurred, you need to get to safety and consider leaving the relationship with the help of a family law practice in Orlando.

You Have No Support

Your relationship with your spouse should be one of your primary support system.  If you cannot rely on your significant other for support, you will start to distance yourself from them.  A lack of support or genuine caring for a partner can prove as toxic for many relationships, especially when that support is actually negative.  When your spouse belittles you, disregards your needs, and does not value your actions or thoughts, you may be in an abusive relationship.

You Always Have Drama

People fight.  It's that simple.  However, some people fight more aggressively and frequently than others.  When you and your partner are always involved in drama, it can be exhausting.  Often times, a person thrives on drama because they are insecure or belligerent, and this can become a dangerous scenario for others.  Your spouse should also never lay their hands on you in an angry or aggressive manner, as this can lead you to become injured.  When they threaten you, lay their hands on you, or make you feel scared of these possibilities, you should consider leaving the relationship.

You Are Afraid at Home

Do you fear your spouse?  Has your spouse made you feel unsafe, or have they threatened you in the past?  Many abusive or toxic relationships start with physical abuse because of anger, sadness, or fear.  When your spouse hurts you, you will become afraid for it to happen again, which may cause you to withdraw or isolate.  It may also cause you to become afraid to communicate these concerns to anyone else.  If you are afraid at home, you need to safely discuss these concerns with a trusted friend, family member, or attorney at a family law practice in Orlando to get the help you need.

You Lie to Spare Your Spouse

Many people in toxic relationships will actually lie to keep themselves and their spouses safe from the scrutiny or judgment of others.  They will likely act strangely to hide these intimate details of their lives because they are afraid of what others will say or think.  They may also be scared of how their spouse will react if they find out information about their actions went public.  When you find yourself constantly lying to save your spouse, you should consider whether the marriage is worthwhile for you anymore.

You Avoid Friends and Family

Those involved in a toxic or abusive marriage often isolate themselves from their trusted family members and friends.  They find ways to avoid being in the same room as those they love because they fear having to tell them the truth.  Whether they are afraid for their safety or they are confused about how to remove themselves from their relationship, they will start to act strangely and avoid those who are there for them.  If you notice a loved one start to distance themselves after issues in their relationship, reach out and ask if they need help.

You Never Know What Version You Will Get

Many people say that their spouse becomes someone they did not marry.  They may have different versions that have presented themselves after they said ‘I do’ and some of these versions may be scary or angry.  When you feel like you never know which version of your spouse you are going to get, you may withdraw from communicating with them or spending time with them.  They may be angry one second, and they may be nice and happy the next.  This can create issues in your marriage that are difficult to overcome.

These are a few signs that your marriage may be toxic.  When you feel like you are undervalued, unsafe, or emotionally abused, you will want to start considering ways to safely divorce your spouse and get distance from them.  Our family law practice in Orlando is here to help you with everything from divorce paperwork to restraining orders.  Contact us to hear about our services today.

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