Eight Steps to Prepare for Divorce

Eight Steps to Prepare for Divorce

Eight Steps to Prepare for Divorce

Are you concerned that you and your spouse are headed for divorce?  Do you think your marriage is over?  Whether you and your spouse have talked about the word ‘divorce’ or not, you may still have an idea that your marriage is in trouble and headed towards its final days.  When divorce is on your mind, you may want to start preparing for the next chapter as soon as possible.  With the help of the right divorce attorney in Orlando, you can prepare yourself for the next steps as an individual and thrive after your divorce.  These are a few steps you should take to prepare for divorce.

Consider Counseling

Before you throw in the towel on your marriage, you may want to consider whether it is worth saving.  Some people ask their spouses to try relationship counseling before they end the marriage to check and see the issues can be resolved.  When you think that you still love your spouse, you may want to exhaust all methods before you choose to divorce one another.  Counseling can provide you with a safe space to heal and recover from conflicts, fights, disagreements, or issues that have led you down this past.  Once you have tried counseling, you can make a decision on whether your marriage is over or not.

Prioritize Your Emotional Health

As you go through a divorce, you need to prioritize your emotional health.  Give yourself the space and time to heal from the wounds of your divorce, as you may have never imagined your marriage would end this way.  By taking care of yourself, you will be able to make rational decisions in the divorce process, and you will fully understand the reality of your new life.  This will also allow you to be a good parent, coworker, friend, and family member despite the challenges of your reality.  Take the time for self-care and ensure that you are taking care of yourself during these challenging times in your life.

Talk to Your Children

If you and your spouse share any children, you need to consider their emotions during this process as well.  Once you know the marriage is over, take the time to talk to your children about the divorce.  Quell any anxieties they may have about their own future, as they may be scared, confused, or concerned about what will happen to them.  They may also blame themselves, so you need to prepare yourselves for any emotional responses they may have to this information.  By putting their needs first, you can ensure that they will not feel left out or hurt during this process.

Gather and Prepare Paperwork

Working through a divorce unfortunately requires you to supply a lot of paperwork to legal parties, banks, drivers’ license centers, and many more parties.  This can be time-consuming, and just a downright hassle.  By staying on top of all the paperwork that is required for divorce, you will be one step ahead of the game.  Take the time to gather all your independent paperwork, like your marriage license, financial statements, personal ID documentation, birth certificates, and other important documents that may be helpful when working with your divorce attorney in Orlando.  This preparation will save you time during any legalities of the divorce process.

Make a Financial Plan

Planning for your future is another important step in the divorce process.  To prepare yourself, make a financial plan that works for you.  Do you have a job or career already?  Now you need to start your own savings account so that you can start working towards your future independent goals.  If you have never been employed, you will want to start compiling a resume and working to find a job.  By establishing a financial plan, you will feel less stressed and concerned as you start this next chapter without the financial contributions from your spouse.  Prepare yourself for a single-income lifestyle.

Talk to a Lawyer

Once you realize your marriage is headed for divorce, you need to contact a divorce attorney in Orlando immediately.  By getting yourself the best representation, you will avoid making any missteps in preparing for the next chapter as an independent.  Divorce is also a legal matter that will need to be handled by family lawyers that can divide your assets, work on child custody arrangements, create parenting agreements, and consider alimony or spousal support if needed.  You will want to choose a reputable and experienced lawyer so that you can feel secure in your future without your spouse.

Get a Support System

You will not want to work through a divorce alone.  Establish a trusted group of friends and family members that can help you through any tough times.  Having a group of people that you can lean on will make the tough days much easier, as you will know that you are not alone.  Make a list of people that you can trust and give them a call when you are having an emotionally difficult day or when you are working through things that only they would understand.

Keep It Civil

We often hear about divorces that have gone bitter quickly.  To prevent this from happening, keep it civil when you are working with your ex to dissolve your marriage.  Try to negotiate the terms of your divorce in mediation to prevent anything from going through a lengthy and dramatic court lawsuit.  Also, do not talk poorly about your ex behind their backs and avoid any gossip.  This will allow you to remove the emotions from the divorce process itself so that you can focus on getting what you need for the next chapter of your life.

These are a few steps you should take to prepare yourself for a divorce.  If you know that you and your spouse are headed for trouble, you will want to position yourself as best as you can to start the next chapter of your life.  This involves choosing the right divorce attorney in Orlando to help with the legal aspect of your divorce.  Contact us to schedule a consultation with our experienced divorce attorneys today.

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