Five Reasons Collaborative Divorces Are Less Stressful for Families

Five Reasons Collaborative Divorces Are Less Stressful for Families

Five Reasons Collaborative Divorces Are Less Stressful for Families

Divorcing your partner is a difficult and private matter.  However, when you have a family, it is about more than just the two of you.  This means that you need to take certain steps to protect your children and prioritize the needs of your entire family, not just yours as an individual.  Although this may be difficult, you will want to find ways to avoid stress and drama throughout the divorce process.  As an experienced collaborate law attorney in Orlando, we are here to help you maintain those goals.  These are a few of the reasons why you should consider collaborative divorce to avoid stress on the entire family.

They Are Resolved Outside of Court

Collaborative divorces are resolved in mediation, which can happen in many different settings, especially at your lawyer’s offices.  This means that it will be less intense and dramatic, and it removes the extra preparation out of the process.  By resolving the terms of your divorce in mediation, you keep it out of the courts.  Your family will not have to take sides, and they can instead focus on accepting the changes and moving forward.

They Are Resolved Quicker

To settle your divorce in a quick way, you should try to resolve in mediation.  By taking control of your agreement and trusting the right lawyers, you can come to a resolution quicker than you would in court.  Divorces that go to court are extensive processes that can take months, or even years, to come to resolution.  They often end with both individuals becoming bitter or resentful of the lengthy process.

They Are Better for the Children

Going through a divorce with children poses an extra challenge.  It no longer is just about you.  Instead, you need to consider them as the main priority.  When you settle in collaborative manner, you will be able to set a good example for conflict resolution that they will follow.   Also, you will not be putting them through a long process that will carry drama, anger, or sadness with it.  You can focus on being there for them and adjusting to the new reality that is coming their way.

They Are More Affordable

Spending a lot of money can also cause stress.  By settling your divorce in mediation, you save a ton of money on attorneys’ fees.  When you choose to go to court, you will spend much more time, energy, and resources to get the settlement you are looking for.  Instead, you should focus on getting that settlement in a peaceful manner by solving your differences before you need court involvement.

They Allow You to Determine the Agreement

When you settle the terms of your divorce and child custody arrangements without the courts, you can take control of the outcome.  Talking with your attorney and your ex will allow you to make informed decisions about your future, finances, and children.

These are just a few of the reasons why collaborative divorces are less stressful on families.  When you are going through a divorce with children, you will want to consider ways to avoid drama and lengthy court proceedings.  Contact our experienced collaborative law attorney in Orlando to hear about our approach today.

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