Four Benefits of Getting a Prenup

Four Benefits of Getting a Prenup

Four Benefits of Getting a Prenup

Are you wondering whether you and your future spouse should get a prenup before you marry?   Do you want to take the time to have conversations before you get married?  Prenuptial agreements in Orlando might make you feel like you are preparing for divorce before you even get married.  However, prenups do not mean that you expect divorce.  Instead, they protect your financial future in the event that you future spouse has issues, and they also ensure that you have the right conversations before you get married.  These are some of the benefits of getting a prenup before you sign those marriage papers.

Protects You from Your Partner’s Debt

One of the primary reasons that people deeply in love with one another consider prenups is when one of them has a large amount of debt.  Prenuptial agreements protect your future spouse from the financial ramifications of your debt.  Many people get into marriages with large numbers of student loans to pay off, credit card debt, or failed investments.  To avoid letting your partner take on that debt, it is best to get a prenup.

Forces Financial Conversations

Before you get married, you need to have certain conversations about your future.  By talking about your financial issues, concerns, and status, you will be able to have the uncomfortable conversations that are easier to put off.  However, when you do not talk about money before you get married, you may enter an arrangement that you are not prepared for.

Prepares for Changes in the Law

During your marriage, marital laws may alter.  These laws could impact how your marital assets are divided if you chose to divorce.  By putting together a prenup before you walk down the aisle, you and your spouse will be protected from any changes in the law that occur during your marriage.  If you do happen to get divorced, your assets will be protected by these legal documents signed prior to changes in the law.

Prepares for the Division of Assets

Many people do not predict divorce.  It is something that people do not even consider when they are getting married.  However, the divorce process can be even more difficult when you are unprepared.  To ensure that your assets are protected, you may want to get a prenup.  If you have separate business investments at the time of your union, you can protect those assets before you get married.  Once you get married, these business assets can become marital property, which can entitle your future spouse to part of those earnings during the time you are married.

These are a few of the benefits of getting a prenup before you get married.  Even though you may never imagine your marriage ending in divorce, you still want to note some of these benefits of getting prenuptial agreements in Orlando.  Prenups do not mean that you expect divorce.  Instead, they prepare you.  Contact us to hear about how we can help you draft your prenup today.

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