Four Types of Divorce Processes to Consider

Four Types of Divorce Processes to Consider

Four Types of Divorce Processes to Consider

Are you about to dissolve your marriage?  Are you wondering how to begin the divorce process?  In a perfect world, couples would work together to resolve any disputes and make compromises on the division of property, debts, and assets.  However, this isn't usually how it goes.  With the help of a collaborative law attorney in Orlando, you can settle your divorce, work through negotiations, and avoid drama throughout the process.  Depending on the circumstances of how your marriage dissolved, the assets you need to divide, and the legal ramifications of your situation, you will want to choose the type of divorce process that works for you.  Let's take a look at the various methods of settling divorce legally.

Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested divorces are when both parties agree upon the conditions of the divorce without conflict or argument from either side.  These peaceful settlements allow the parties to file their paperwork with their attorney without ever needing to step foot in a courtroom.  Because these divorces require much less time and fewer resources, they are also less expensive.  You will save money on court costs and legal fees.  Also, you may end up saving yourself from many bitter and resentful arguments with your ex.

Contested Divorce

These cases are much different than uncontested divorces, as they involve many disagreements, long negotiations, and court involvement to reach any compromises.  Many people assume that all divorces look like this, as they are portrayed this way in many films and TV shows.  Couples that disagree over assets, child custody, property, and financial concerns will have to contest their divorce and argue their position with the help of legal counsel in court proceedings.  Contested divorces require many resources, cost much more money, and last a longer period of time.


In mediation, both you and your spouse will hire a neutral third-party, or mediator, to represent your interests during peaceful negotiations.  This individual will go back and forth between parties to discuss the new terms of the settlement until each party is satisfied.  This is a confidential way to settle your divorce without needing the involvement of the courts.  Because of this, it is typically less time-consuming and less expensive.

Collaborative Law Approaches

These approaches are best for those looking for the least stressful method to settle their divorce.  In collaborative law, each client is independently represented by legal counsel without ever needing to step foot in a courtroom to settle disputes.  With the assistance of your collaborative lawyer, you and your spouse will reach peaceful agreements that each of you are content with, and you will be able to move on harmoniously into the next chapter of your life.

These are a few of the methods that are used to settle divorces in legal terms.  The approach that you choose will depend upon the type of relationship you have and the circumstances surrounding the end of your marriage.  Contact our experienced collaborative law attorney in Orlando to consult with us today.

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