Four Ways to Overcome Communication Ruts in Your Marriages

Four Ways to Overcome Communication Ruts in Your Marriages

Four Ways to Overcome Communication Ruts in Your Marriages

We’ve all heard about marriage ruts, itches, and growing pains.  However, when these issues are not fixed, they can lead to divorce.  As an international divorce attorney in Orlando, we have worked with many couples that could not make it work because of communication issues.  Sometimes it is difficult to express your feelings, be honest with one another, or simply be kind, and this can dissolve any relationship.  There are a few things to try to overcome communication issues in your marriage before you call it quits.

Think Before You Talk

When we get comfortable in our relationships, we may say exactly what we are thinking, regardless of the messages we are sending.  This may lead you to fly off the handle, get angry, and say things that you may regret.  Even though you may not have meant what you said, you cannot take it back once it exits your mouth.  Before you speak, take the time to think about how it will affect your spouse.  This simple step can save you from many conflicts in your marriage.

Be Direct

Are messages getting mixed up and causing fights?  Do you often say things that you do not mean?  When you talk to your spouse, it can be easy to get lazy.  This happens after years of being with the same person, but it does not always have to mean that you do not care.  Instead of getting sloppy with your language, practice being direct when you are speaking with your spouse.  Remove distractions, look up from the TV, and make time for genuine interactions so that you can have direct conversations about how you are feeling.

Make Time to Talk

Do you find life to be too chaotic for one-on-one time with your spouse?  When you are in a marriage, you may have many other influences in your life that affect the dynamics of your relationship.  Young kids, family members, household responsibilities, and many other obligations can make it difficult to find the time to have important conversations without being interrupted.  When you are interrupted, you may rush conversations to get a result sooner.  Over time, this can cause issues.  Be sure to carve out time to connect and have deep, important conversations.

Practice Compassion

Over time, you may start to take advantage of the fact that your spouse is still around, which can make you become less kind and compassionate towards their emotions.  You may have the same fights, and this can lead to feelings of contempt.  It is important to recognize that no matter how long you have been married, you still need to practice the basics of kindness.  Remain compassionate towards one another so that you prevent feelings of sadness or anger.

These are a few tips to help you communicate better in your marriage when you are suffering from communication issues.  As an international divorce attorney in Orlando, we have witnessed many marriages end because of communication issues.  Contact us to hear more about the legal process of divorce and how you can prepare today.

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