Is It Time for a Divorce?

Is It Time for a Divorce?

Is It Time for a Divorce?

Are you tired of having the same fight with your spouse?  Has your spouse cheated on you?  Do you struggle to communicate effectively or reach compromise with your spouse?  All of these issues can point towards divorce, especially when you are no longer getting along or even enjoy each other's company anymore.  As a family law practice in Orlando, we handle divorce cases for many clients to inform them and advocate for them throughout the tough journey.  There are a few signs that may indicate that it might be time for you to call it quits on your marriage.

You Don't Communicate

One of the most commonly cited reasons for divorce is due to communication issues.  Many couples begin to distance themselves from one another when communication becomes difficult, or in some circumstances, nonexistent.  Couples thrive when they talk to one another, sharing details about their day, their thoughts, and all the big and little things in life.  Without proper communication, many people feel unsupported or disconnected.  Sometimes communication issues aren't caused by a lack of talking, but for a lack of listening.  When one of you feels like your communication is lacking, the separation begins.

You Aren't Intimate

A lack of intimacy may also be a red flag that indicates your marriage may be headed for trouble.  We understand that all relationships have peaks and valleys, but there also need to be a common thread of being interested in intimacy with one another.  Without this desire, a division will start to grow.  Take the time to be intimate with one another to make sure that the romantic spark in your relationship stays lit, even if it is just a little.

You've Lost Yourself

As a family law practice in Orlando, we have seen many relationships end in divorce because one person has become confused or lost in the relationship.  When you are struggling with identity issues or mental health concerns that are left unsupported by your spouse, you may start to feel lost within yourself.  Having the right support system is a large part of getting the help and guidance you need to thrive as an individual, and you will want your spouse to provide that for you.  If you've lost yourself because your spouse is holding you back from your true potential, you may find yourself contemplating divorce more frequently.

You Are Always Fighting

Conflict in the marriage can cause feelings of contempt, anger, and resentment.  When these feelings are left unresolved, your marriage may be headed for trouble.  Fighting with your spouse takes up a lot of energy and time, and this can eventually just become too much to handle.  Take the time to truly listen to the perspective of one another so that you can reach compromises and finally end those disagreements.  If you fail to ever reach compromises, the little conflicts can turn into the big issues that end up in a divorce.

You Suspect Cheating

When one of you steps out on the marriage and cheats, this can lead to a broken bond that can never be repaired.  As an experienced family law practice in Orlando, we have seen many marriages end due to one of the spouse's being unfaithful.  Sometimes these marriages end abruptly because of these instances, and sometimes the couple tries to put in the work to repair the broken trust, only to fail after months of trying.  

You Are In a Toxic Relationship

Do you find yourself dreading being home with your spouse?  Are you afraid to be in the same room as your spouse?  Sometimes, relationships simply become draining.  When you feel that your relationship is full of negative energy, you may be in a toxic relationship.  Spouses that assert too much control over your actions, restrict your behaviors, or need to be in constant control of you may cause you to lose yourself.  In time, this will cause a rift that may be irreparable.  Eventually, you'll be contemplating whether you would be happier without this person and their negativity in your life.  

You Don't Trust Each Other

Trust is an essential ingredient in any successful relationship, especially in marriage.  When your spouse has done things that have caused you to lose your faith in them, trust may be broken.  Broken trust can lead to many other issues that can cause the end of a marriage, like cheating, disrespect, constant fighting, and lying.  When you feel like you are drifting from your partner, take the time to repair the wounds before the divide becomes too deep that it cannot be repaired.  Your spouse should be the person that you trust wholeheartedly.

You Don't Care Anymore

Are you just tired of being in your relationship?  Have you fallen out of love with your spouse?  Sometimes marriages end simply because time has passed, and you are no longer in love with that person anymore.  This can cause you to simply stop caring about one another.  Although this is typically not an issue that arises overnight, it can still cause the end of a marriage.  Perhaps you have tried to rebuild your connection through therapy or you have talked to many other people to try to get support.  Maybe you have tried multiple date nights or romantic getaways to no avail.  When you simply just don't care to put in the work anymore, it may be time for your marriage to be over.

These are a few of the indications that it may be time for divorce.  When you are constantly battling one another over the same issues, you may want to consider talking to a family law practice in Orlando to prepare for your impending divorce.  Contact us to hear how we can help you through this difficult legal process today.

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