Seven Signs Your Marriage May Be Headed for Divorce

Seven Signs Your Marriage May Be Headed for Divorce

Seven Signs Your Marriage May Be Headed for Divorce

Are you constantly fighting with your spouse?  Do you worry about your safety when you are together?  Have you been avoiding one another more frequently?  These are all a few indications that your marriage may be in trouble.  You may not see the signs right away, but they are still there.  Maybve you even try to ignore them to avoid the inevitable discussion you need to have with a divorce attorney in Orlando.  Whether you try to avoid them, ignore them, or work on them, the issues are still going to be there. So, how do you know if your marriage is heading towards needing a divorce attorney?  These are a few of the warning signs that your marriage may be headed towards divorce.

You Are Not Happy Anymore

When you are in a healthy and happy relationship, generally you are going to still be happy yourself.  However, sometimes the happiness fades and you are left with several new emotions, and some of them aimed at your spouse.  What is causing this unhappiness?  Is your spouse unreliable? Do they shut down, or become hostile or critical with most issues?  If you no longer feel valued, content, or respected in your marriage, this can cause you to feel unhappy overall.  When you are concerned about your mental state because of your marriage, you may need to consider how to repair these issues before they get worse. 

You Are Always Fighting

A healthy relationship consists of fighting and arguing when you butt heads during a discussion.  This is normal.  However, it is not normal to constantly fight, argue, clash, and debate.  This is especially true when you it becomes physical or dangerous.  If you see the interactions becoming more and more negative, maybe it is time to start thinking about walking towards the door.  Fighting can be emotionally draining, and this can eventually take a toll on your own well-being and sanity.

You Want to Avoid Each Other

If you find yourself spending more time with friends and family than usual, or you are resilient to going inside when you see your partner's car out front, then this should be a sign that you are going through changes in your feelings towards your partner.   Avoiding your partner may be a huge red flag that you no longer enjoy the time you spend with one another.  Consider the reasons why you are avoiding them.  Are you afraid?  Are you tired of them?  Do you need a break?  When you avoid your partner out of fear or because you no longer want to be with them, you need to consider talking to a divorce attorney in Orlando.

Those Around You Are Concerned

Yes, we know. No one should dictate your relationship with someone else.  However, if the whole world is screaming get out, then you may need to listen to their concerns.  When family and friends tell you that they are concerned about you, you may want to hear them out to listen to some of their suggestions.  Although they cannot make the final choice about your marriage, you may still want to understand their perspective and listen to what they have to say.  Those who are the closest to you will only want the best for you, so listen to them when they say they do not like your partner or they are concerned about your well-being when you are with your spouse. It could be a red flag that you do not notice until you listen.

You No Longer Trust Each Other

Relationships, especially marriages, require a level of trust that needs to be upheld throughout the extent of the relationship.  When this trust is broken or questioned, it can cause deeper issues to develop.  As a divorce attorney in Orlando, we have seen many marriages that have ended because of a breach in trust.  Infidelity, for example, is one of the main actions that causes pain, resentment, and anger in a marriage.  When someone steps out on the relationship, it can be irreparable and lead to a quick end to the relationship if it cannot be fixed.

Your Gut Says It is Over

Your gut is smarter than your brain sometimes. If you have the gut feeling that it is time to go, then you should listen to it.  Your instincts will never guide you wrong, and if you question it, you can always check with close friends and loved ones. There are also counselors and therapists who can help guide you to the answers you seek.  When you are confused whether you still love your partner, you may need to seek help and assistance to make the right choice for your next steps.

You Feel More Like Roommates

Maybe you guys no longer sleep in the same room, or you barely acknowledge each other. You are living separate lives and it is over.  If you both feel like you have simply become roommates that are just cohabiting together, you may need to consider whether your marriage is ending.  Is the spark gone?  Do you still enjoy being together and spending quality time?  If you do not genuinely enjoy being together, you need to consider the next steps to end your marriage and talk to a divorce attorney in Orlando.  Being roommates means that you are still cordial, which can be a positive thing during the divorce process.

These are some of the signs that may indicate that your marriage may be headed towards trouble.  If you feel it is over, then maybe you need to consider talking to a divorce attorney in Orlando. Don't let a bad marriage ruin your whole life and get the help you need to start the legal process.  Contact us to hear more about how we can help you today.

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