Three Ways Your Divorce Can Affect Your Children

Three Ways Your Divorce Can Affect Your Children

Three Ways Your Divorce Can Affect Your Children

Are you about to tell your children that you and their other parent are going to get divorced?  Do you want to make sure that your children know they are loved and that their opinions matter when it comes to your split?  Divorce with children can be more complicated than you think, and they can result in some damaging effects if they are not done right.  As a child custody in Orlando, we work with many families to prioritize the needs of your children during and after divorce.  These are some of the lasting impacts that divorce can have on your children when you do not resolve things in the right way.


Growing up with divorced parents can be challenging for children.  They may be used to living as a single family in one location, doing everything together, and being happy.  However, when divorce hits, their entire world is turned upside down.  They now must travel between two homes, or they may never even see one of their parents.  This can cause instability in their emotions, which can lead to feelings of unworthiness and uncertainty.  If parents can coexist happily for the kids, it may be beneficial to consider co-parenting arrangements that provide the children with a more stable upbringing and family life.  

Emotional Issues

One of the first things that children may feel when you get divorced is neglect and confusion.  This emotional baggage can be carried with them through life if they do not properly handle their emotions.  By asking questions, knowing that you are there for support, and spending time as a family unit, you can encourage your children to have positive and realistic emotional expectations.  Emotional instability can last many years if the parents do not handle the aftermath of their divorce in a proper way.  Take the time to talk your kids and prioritize their emotional needs.

Problems in Relationships

It is common to say that children of divorce will have tumultuous love lives.  Although this may sound cliché, it also rings true.  Many people that have divorced parents at a young age may have difficulty cultivating and maintaining relationships throughout their lives.  This also contributes to the increase in the number of marital issues and divorce rates.  Modeling a healthy relationship, even when you are separated, will help your children understand that they are worthy of love even if your relationship did not work out as expected.

These are a few of the ways that your divorce may have lasting impacts on your children.  When you are going through your divorce, you need to do the best you can to remove the drama and keep the kids away from any conflict.  Put their interests first and work with a great child custody attorney in Orlando to settle their matters.  Contact us to hear about our experience with divorce cases involving children today.

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