What NOT to Do On Social Media during Your Divorce Process

What NOT to Do On Social Media during Your Divorce Process

What NOT to Do On Social Media during Your Divorce Process

Social media can be a great tool that keeps people connected, but it can also be harmful in specific instances.  When you use it to speak positively about your life, talk to friends that are far away, or share moments of your life with others, you can avoid any conflict that could be caused by social media.  However, when you use it in the wrong ways, it can be extremely damaging.  This is especially true when you are going through tough times, like divorce.  As an alimony attorney in Orlando, we have seen the negative effects of social media at play during many divorce proceedings.  There are a few things that you'll want to avoid doing on social media during the divorce process.

Talk Bad about Your Spouse

Social media should not be used as an outlet to express your anger, resentment, or bitter emotions towards your ex.  No matter how dark your days may get, you should avoid posting these emotions on the internet for all to see.  Instead, talk to supportive friends and family that you trust when you are feeling overwhelmed by your emotions.  When you write posts disparaging your spouse, it can cause a disaster on your divorce.

Talk about Drugs or Drinking

Avoid discussing anything about your drug or drinking habits, especially if you are in the middle of divorce proceedings with children involved.  This can have many negative impacts on the outcome of a child support or child custody battle, as it will show you in a negative light.  Even if you are just out for a harmless drink with friends, you should avoid posting about it.  Tell your friends to avoid posting about it as well, as this can still work against you when you are tagged in the wrong photo.

Share New Purchases

No matter how excited you may be about your new iPhone purchase or the new car you just got, you should avoid sharing anything about large, expensive purchases on your social media pages.  This can actually be detrimental when you are fighting over financial aspects of your divorce, as it can lead the courts to assume that you have more money than you do.  

Share Your Location

Avoid sharing too much about your whereabouts when you are on social media.  Don't feel the need to overshare each time you are out at bars with your friends, dining at local restaurants, gambling at the local casino.  This can actually have a negative effect on some of your divorce proceedings, especially if you are in the middle of alimony or child custody negotiations at the time.

It is important to avoid doing these things when you are going through a divorce process.  No matter how much you typically share on social media, take a break from social media during your divorce for a better outcome and less conflict.  Contact our alimony attorney in Orlando to hear more tips and tricks about how to proceed properly with your divorce today.

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