4 Reasons to Settle Your Legal Battle in Mediation

4 Reasons to Settle Your Legal Battle in Mediation

4 Reasons to Settle Your Legal Battle in Mediation

Going through a legal battle is extremely difficult. It can take a long time for the final verdict. Even then, you are unsure of the outcome. Many people end their cases in mediation. According to a study by Harvard, about 80% of disputes end this way to avoid lengthy and expensive court litigation. As a collaborative law attorney in Orlando, we help many people settle their family legal matters without the need for the court. These are a few of the reasons why you should settle your legal issues in mediation.

Why Choose Mediation in Your Legal Battle?

Before going into the details, let’s look at what mediation is. It is a voluntary process by both parties of the legal battle, which allows a neutral third person to encourage resolution in the case. Mediation helps both parties in some ways. Now that we know what it is let’s look at why you should opt for it in a legal battle.

It Maintains Confidentiality

Keeping your legal battle confident can be challenging. Since so many parties are involved, the information is bound to go out. However, mediation is the solution to this problem. It keeps the proceedings confidential. Experts say the term “What happens in mediation stays in mediation.” That’s because this process keeps the information safe. Both parties take an oath not to share anything outside the mediation. They cannot even share the proceedings in the mediation if the process fails.

Mediation is the Time Saver

A legal battle can take a huge chunk of your busy schedule. Mediation is a better way of resolution in your case. It brings both parties together and excludes proceedings that can take time.

Some financial and other such cases can go on for months. Even then, the result may seem far-fetched. So, mediation is a better way of speeding things up if time is of value for both parties.

It Brings Both Parties Together

Court cases can take away your valuable relationship with the other party. That is especially the case in family legal battles. Mediation is a better way of bringing both people to a mutual decision. This way, you can still maintain a relationship with the legal opponent. It gives complete control to both parties. The decisions made are neutral and voluntary. Thus, you can expect negotiable results and a friendlier process.

A Fairer Judgement

Legal battles can be unfair to many people. Sometimes, individuals get caught up in things they have not done. And many times, these cases begin due to instinctive action. If you worry about fair judgement, you should opt for mediation.

It opens doors for predictable and enforceable results. There’s nothing to worry about regarding mediation. Most cases end this way. Many people think that mediation offers justice outside the court. But they tend to forget it is still justice and a better settlement for both parties going through the hectic legal battle.

Mediation is a good option to end your legal battle for many reasons. Most importantly, it helps you maintain relationships and saves a ton of time. In many cases, mediation has also saved money for both parties.  If you are looking for a collaborative law attorney in Orlando to assist with your family legal matters, contact us to schedule a consultation today.

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