4 Signs That You Need to Hire a Family Lawyer

4 Signs That You Need to Hire a Family Lawyer

4 Signs That You Need to Hire a Family Lawyer

There are nearly 1.5 million lawyers registered in the United States alone. This means that there are experienced and talented professionals in every area of the law ready to represent clients in their legal matters, including family law.

Family law is often referred to as matrimonial law. It is an area of law that deals primarily with familial relationships and matters. These include the laws dealing with family issues like civil unions, adoption, child support, divorce, and marriage. Family laws vary according to your state of residence. Still, they are meant to protect the rights of each family member while preserving the interests of the entire family structure.

A family law attorney is a legal professional that specializes in the area of family law. These attorneys are typically sought out when legal issues or disputes need a resolution involving family members. Many people take a family law attorney’s role and significance for granted. However, if you do not know whether you need the advice of a family law practice in Orlando, here are some signs that you might.

Preparing to marry

Marriage can sometimes be a complicated legal affair, even though it appears to be a ceremony to celebrate the marital union. Before marring your spouse, it may be helpful to consult a family law attorney about any legal issues that could arise out of your union. A family law attorney will guide you through your state's legal requirements regarding marriage. They will also help you navigate any issues involving marriage and advise you on your legal rights and responsibilities.

A family law attorney is also helpful when preparing prenuptial agreements before the wedding. If either you or your spouse is coming into the marriage with independent assets, then a prenup can be essential to protect them. Prenuptial agreements determine how assets are divided in the unfortunate event of death or divorce. These contracts are particularly helpful if there are significant differences in a couple's wealth or there are dependents from outside of the marriage. Again, a family law attorney will work to protect your assets and keep your future safe throughout your union.

Forming a domestic partnership or civil union

Domestic partnerships and civil unions are statuses that are awarded to a couple at a state level to legally recognize two individuals who live together but are not legally married to one another. These partnerships are similar to marriage but are not recognized or branded as a marriage. Domestic partnerships' details and legality are different from that of a marriage and vary depending on the couple's state.

States originally introduced domestic partnerships to assist same-sex partners in enjoying the rights, responsibilities, and life of a married couple without the necessity of getting married. This happened before the federal government legalized same-sex marriages across the country. Today, domestic partnerships represent a different way for couples to live without conforming to a legal marriage. They are popular with progressive couples and celebrities who want to protect the rights of their partnership without the need to marry legally.

Domestic partnerships and civil unions are a maze of legal jurisdictions, requirements, and compliance. Every state has differing laws regarding these legal statuses. Family law attorneys are familiar with matters of civil unions and domestic partnerships. They are ready to guide you through the legal intricacies and processes of such statuses.

When a divorce is on the horizon

Most people think of divorce when they think of family law attorneys. It is not hard to understand why. Divorces are complex legal affairs that can take months or years to resolve completely. Most legal issues involving divorce arise from alimony, child custody, and the division of property. Each party is entitled to legal liabilities and rights depending on the reason for the marriage’s dissolution. Time and resources can be drained when divorce cases spiral out of control and lead to civil disagreements. A family law practice in Orlando can often help you and your spouse reach fair terms and compromises without the need for lengthy court proceedings.

In most divorce cases, each spouse attains their own lawyer to represent their interests. This is an ideal way to handle the situation because a family law attorney will negotiate divorce terms and communicate your demands on your behalf. They will also offer you professional advice on your best plan of action and the strength of the case you have. In addition, even couples without prenuptial agreements in place have the right to protect their assets and receive a fair share of the marital property.

Child custody conflicts

Child custody disagreements often happen after a couple divorces. Even when separated, parents have a legal right to care for and protect their children, and this is where the trouble begins. Divorce is not the only situation that involves child custody. Sometimes people fight with family members or the state for custody of their children. If the state suspects neglect, abuse, or an inability to support your child, they can determine that they will not remain in your care. In addition, in the event of the death of your spouse or a broken marriage, family members may also try to take your kids, especially in-laws.

The court or state will expect you to prove that you can secure your child’s future and support them during child custody lawsuits. A family law attorney will guide you through the process step by step and help you fight for full custody of your child. An attorney will also work to prove your innocence in the case of false accusations of child abuse or neglect.

These are just a handful of the signals that you need to seek the advice of a family law practice in Orlando. Contact us today for more information on the services we provide. We specialize in family law issues and have the experience and expertise to represent you or a loved one in any family law matter you face.

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