5 Common Mistakes Our Family Law Clients Make

5 Common Mistakes Our Family Law Clients Make

5 Common Mistakes Our Family Law Clients Make

Family law matters can be complicated, dramatic, and just overwhelming. They can break up families, cause bitter, years-long disputes, and just leave you completely heartbroken. Although they are difficult, they are necessary to resolve some conflicts related to family matters. As a family law practice in Orlando, we have worked to resolve many family law issues that have had great outcomes for families. However, we have also seen some cases go wrong. When you are in the middle of a family law dispute, you want to avoid making these common mistakes and jeopardizing the outcome of your case.

Not Reviewing Paperwork before Signing Your Name

Many people simply glance at legal paperwork and sign on the dotted line. Because these documents are riddled with legal jargon, they may seem complicated to understand. However, just because you have trouble understanding does not mean that you should sign your name anyways. You could be agreeing to something blindly, and this can come back to hurt you later. Be sure that you sit down with your attorney to discuss any paperwork before signing your name.

Avoid Temporary Solutions

You may look at a resolution and think that it looks good at first glance. However, you never want to think temporary when you are reviewing legal documents or agreeing to any terms. For example, if you are working through a child custody, you should not agree to any arrangements for the children that could become more permanent. Although keeping with the kids’ routine may seem beneficial for right now, it could end up being an unhappy solution for longer than you assumed.

Moving Out Quickly

If you are about to go through a divorce, you may want to get as far away from your spouse as possible, especially if they hurt you in some way. However, if you move out too soon, it can have a lasting negative impact on your case. This could set a precedent and show you conceding your home to your spouse. Before you move out, start the legal process so that you can make decisions under the advice of your legal counsel.

Letting Emotions Get the Best of You

Family law is emotional. There’s no way around that. But when you let your emotions rule the outcome of your case, you could end up losing much more than you should. During negotiations, you should focus on making rational choices that benefit your life. Avoid bitterness and resentment during this time, as there will be plenty of time for that outside of the court proceedings.

Posting on Social Media

When you are in the middle of family drama, the last thing you want to do is post on social media. Catty behavior can get you in trouble with the judge, as this will not look favorably on you. Even though you may want to express the emotional turmoil that typically occurs during family lawsuits, you should keep it offline.

If avoid these common mistakes, you can position yourself as best as possible for your side of the case. If you are looking for the help of a family law practice in Orlando, trust our team of experienced attorneys.

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