6 Tips for a Successful Collaborative Divorce

6 Tips for a Successful Collaborative Divorce

6 Tips for a Successful Collaborative Divorce

A collaborative divorce is a beautiful way to save money and time and begin to move forward with your life with the least amount of stress possible. But, it will demand dedication and work to make it to the other side successfully. If you are embarking on collaborative divorce or considering one, our collaborative law attorney in Orlando offers the following tips for making it successful:

Trust in the process

The key to a successful collaborative divorce is committing to the process. You have chosen the collaborative route because you trust it is better than the traditional alternative. Once litigation is no longer an option, you will engage in thoughtful, serious negotiation focusing on the best resolution for everyone involved.

Use your team

A collaborative divorce team includes both your attorneys and other professionals like child specialists, therapists, accountants, financial planners, and coaches. While you may initially wonder if this is an excessive number of people to be involved, it is the most efficient way to handle the many details. Rather than having one lawyer acting as an expert for both sides, each expert is called on when you need them, bringing their own level of expertise to the table. This team-focused approach is highly effective at producing solutions, so be sure to consult each professional when you need them.

Do your job

Your collaborative attorney may assign you tasks before your meetings, like preparing a list of assets or gathering financial data like income tax returns or W2s. Take these assignments seriously and come prepared for every session to avoid delaying the process and wasting time, so the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Do not aim to win your negotiations

Everyone wins in a collaborative divorce by avoiding expensive, lengthy litigation. Do not make the negotiations a competition. Go into negotiations with the intention of finding divorce solutions, not taking your partner for everything. Be prepared for fair explorations of available options and lengthy discussions, having to compromise at times as you and your partner layout your agreement.

Listen to your partner’s point of view

It is easy to stay focused on your side of the story when you are going through your divorce. While your voice needs to be heard, Be sure to listen to your partner's concerns and feelings. This is the ideal way to develop solutions that will benefit you both and ensure that the process goes smoothly. Your collaborative divorce team and attorney will help resolve any disputes you come across.

Make sure you are comfortable

It is critical to make sure your concerns are addressed throughout the process. Ask questions if you have them. And be sure to mention any reservations you have about negotiations. Your team is in place to handle the necessary details and make sure you feel good about the decisions and choices. Ask for a break if you need a moment to regroup or clarification about something. You and your attorney can step away from negotiations and talk in private to help you formulate a strategy or better understand a topic. Your comfort and clear understanding of the issues at hand are crucial for a successful collaborative process.

We hope these tips for making your collaborative divorce successful are helpful to you. Contact us today for help from a collaborative law attorney in Orlando. We are here for you!

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