6 Tips for Surviving Divorce or Child Custody Cases

6 Tips for Surviving Divorce or Child Custody Cases

6 Tips for Surviving Divorce or Child Custody Cases

If you are in a contentious child custody case or divorce, there are things you can do to survive the process. Our family law practice in Orlando recommends these tips for surviving the court battle in a child custody or divorce case.

Contact an experienced attorney

Even if you decide not to hire one, you need to consult with an experienced attorney, so you understand the gravity of the situation you face. Many people without legal counsel make serious, long-lasting, expensive mistakes. It is never wise to navigate the complexities of a child custody case or divorce without an experienced lawyer. The amount of money you spend for a retainer may be much less than the cost of the mistakes you make in your case without a professional protecting your best interests.

Change your passwords

This is essential, as most people today communicate through social media, text messaging, and email. You need to protect the communications you have with your attorney and others. You also need to protect your accounts, like savings and checking account logins. Finally, protecting your phone is a top priority. Change your iCloud password and security questions to something your spouse won’t know.

Don’t take threats seriously

Do not take threats and comments from the other party seriously. In most cases, they are just trying to elicit a negative emotional response from you and keep you off balance by creating a sense of doubt and fear. Keep your cool and talk to your attorney if you have legal questions. If you have trouble coping emotionally, it may be helpful to see a therapist to help you manage.

Be careful with advice from friends and family

It is essential not to take legal advice from friends and family just because they have been in a similar situation before. They may have had their case in another state, Florida laws may have been different when they were in court, or they may have had very different family circumstances. You should only look to your lawyer for legal advice and counsel. Do not let someone else’s opinion of how your case should proceed lead you to make decisions that may negatively impact your life.

Never agree to anything or sign anything without legal guidance

Your signature can have considerable legal ramifications. Entering into any agreement without attorney guidance may create additional problems for you. Always talk to your attorney before signing anything to ensure that you understand the scope of what you agree to.

Say no to drugs

If you are a drug user, whether recreational or dependent, and you know you are facing a custody battle, stop using right now. No matter how often you use, your use will be exploited in court by the opposing party, and you will want to be able to prove that you are not using. Stop right now so they cannot produce any solid proof you are using because you aren't using it.

Follow these tips for surviving a child custody case or divorce. And call our family law practice in Orlando today for representation from an experienced, qualified attorney. We are here to represent your best interests in family law matters.

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