Should You Get a Prenup?

Should You Get a Prenup?

Should You Get a Prenup?

If you are getting married, the thought of getting a prenuptial agreement has likely crossed your mind. No shame in it. Honestly, there are many reasons why you should consider getting a prenup. The reasons for a prenup sometimes run parallel to the reason for getting married. While many marry for love, some do for business or status. Prenuptial agreements in Orlando are not greedy ways to cut a loved one off. It is a safety net. Not all marriages work, and the ones that don't aren't always messy in the end. So, why should you get a prenup?

Manage Finances Separately

One of the things that can change when you get married is your financial state. One partner may bring in a higher income or have an inheritance that they wish to keep protected or managed separately. Consequently, a prenup is an excellent way to ensure that your partner isn't marrying you just for your money or property.

Avoid Extensive Divorce Proceedings

When a couple decides that divorce is the only option, it can get messy. With a prenup in place, the messier parts of divorce can easily be avoided. When two people who divorce have a prenup, that automatically protects those assets and speeds up the process of separation. No one wants to deal with a huge court battle that throw decimals and zeros around like hand grenades.

Protect Family Estate & Property

Some get prenups to protect specific estates and/or properties that they wish to stay in their families. No one wants to lose precious land or belongings that have significant family ties. Prenups are normally detailed in what they are protecting. This is one of the main reasons to consider a prenup.

Protect Your Spouse from Debt

It isn't all about protecting your money. In fact, it isn't uncommon for newly weds to have a prenup to protect each other from any crippling debt they may have. No one wants to get caught with someone else's debt.

Rights Establishment

Prenups are a great way to discuss distribution of property or finances/debt in the event of a divorce. They are also a legal barrier protecting your rights over property or estate where specified in the prenup.

Lastly, when a prenup is put on the table, it brings up the realization that divorce is there too. Some couples fail because they never account for failure. You know as well as anyone, love doesn't always last. When you discuss a prenup, you are starting an adult conversation of reality. The reality that it may not work. While it sounds daunting, it is healthy to discuss this with your partner.

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