Tips For Keeping the Peace During Divorce

Tips For Keeping the Peace During Divorce

Tips For Keeping the Peace During Divorce

Divorce is just one of those things that happen. More frequently nowadays than before. It was once looked down on and taboo. But people get divorces now all the time. It isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes, the love just fades. It isn't always someone’s fault. This does not mean that divorce is not challenging or hard, as there can be feelings of sadness or even resentment. As an international divorce attorney in Orlando, we have seen many contentious divorces that have ended badly.  Follow these few tips to keep the peace and avoid drama during your divorce process.

Communicate Honestly

If possible, you need to communicate your needs and feelings. That being said, you have to listen too. Communication is about more than just talking. It is about understanding. You need to look at the big picture and practice empathy. Simply put, be understanding of your ex’s experience as everyone navigates the challenges of this new chapter. During the divorce process, you want to be strong but also not bitter towards one another.

Don't Date

When we date right out the gate of filing for divorce, it can cause emotional reactions. Until the divorce is finalized, it is smart to avoid adding another person into this drama. It does more than expose your new relationship to this environment, as it can also cause your opinions and feelings to be swayed. You won't be thinking about the situation at hand by bringing in a new relationship at this time. Give yourself time to grieve your marriage and heal from the divorce process before dating. 

Seek Out Mediation

Sometimes there isn't a possibility of civility. Let's face it, a lot of divorces are ugly. They don't have to be. You and your ex-spouse can choose to use mediation for their divorce. Judges or lawyers mediating your divorce case can help ensure everyone is fairly treated. This also puts experts in divorce in between you and your spouse so that the peace is kept.

Mediation helps keep the peace by also negotiating the terms of divorce. When two people try to negotiate with a sour taste in their mouth, they often spit out objections. If two individuals can't be civil to keep peace, then definitely consider mediation.

Why Keep The Peace?

You loved your spouse at one point and may still do. But we are all human too. We need to be able to walk away with closure and less pain. Refusing to maintain peace will only prevent closure. Though you don't intend on spending the rest of your lives together, you shouldn't drag it out. Especially if you have children together. There is no reason for the kids to witness you and their other parent fighting and slinging hate. Keeping your divorce peaceful benefits everyone.

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