Things You Never Knew About Divorce

Things You Never Knew About Divorce

Things You Never Knew About Divorce


Divorce; a word many fear but often find themselves contemplating at some point in their lives. Whether one is married, engaged, or in a committed relationship, the reality of divorce is one that cannot be ignored. It is a decision that can uproot one’s life and become a lengthy and stressful process. The more people know, the better equipped they are to navigate the complexities of divorce. Here are some surprising things that you may not have known about the process.


1. There are Multiple Types of Divorce

Divorce is not a one-size-fits-all process. There are different types of divorce proceedings that couples can choose from, depending on the nature of their relationship and the circumstances surrounding the divorce. The most common types include contested, uncontested, collaborative, and mediated divorce.

2. Divorce Can Be Costly

Before embarking on the divorce process, it is essential to realize that the legal and emotional costs are not insignificant. Legal expenses associated with hiring an attorney, appearing in court, and taking time off work can add up quickly. Additionally, divorces can take months to resolve, driving up both legal and emotional costs.

3. Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements Are Helpful

For those who want to protect their assets before or after marriage, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are invaluable. These agreements help to ensure that the distribution of property, income, and debts is fair and equitable should the couple divorce.

4. Child Custody and Support Are the Most Contested Issues

One of the most troubling and frustrating aspects of divorce is the issue of child custody and support. These issues can become contentious and leave both parties feeling overwhelmed and distressed. A good family law attorney can help to ensure that the best interests of the children are protected.

5. Divorce Can Be a Positive Experience

While divorce can be a difficult and trying time, it can also be a positive experience. It can provide a clean slate for both parties and a new beginning for the future. It is important to approach the process with an open mind, stay focused, and be willing to compromise.



Divorce is a life-changing decision that can have long-term effects. It is crucial to understand that divorce does not have to be a negative experience. Taking the time to learn about the process and working with a knowledgeable attorney can mean the difference between a prolonged and stressful process and an amicable agreement. If you're looking for an international divorce attorney in Orlando, FL, contact Ilvento Law today for more information.

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