Understanding Child Custody Relocation Requests

Understanding Child Custody Relocation Requests

Understanding Child Custody Relocation Requests


When it comes to child custody, the court always wants what’s best for the child. This includes taking into account a parent's request to relocate with their child if they’re granted custody. However, in many cases, courts deny relocation requests due to certain factors that must be considered. Let’s take a closer look at why this is so.

Understanding the Law Behind Relocation Requests

When it comes to relocation requests in child custody cases, there are three key points that the court must consider: The reason behind the request, the impact on both parents, and how the move will affect the child. In order for a relocation request to be granted by the court, there must be an appropriate reason for it such as employment opportunities or health concerns. In addition, if either parent objects to the move then the court may deny it unless there is a compelling reason for allowing it. Finally, if granting the relocation would negatively impact either parent or would negatively affect the relationship between them and their child then it would likely be denied.

Factors That Influence Relocation Requests' Approval or Denial

There are several factors that can influence whether or not a relocation request is approved or denied by a court of law. These include whether or not both parents agree to the move; if one parent objects then it could significantly reduce your chances of success in having your request granted. Additionally, courts tend to favor keeping children close enough so that they can still have meaningful relationships with both parents; if you’re seeking to move too far away then this could also play against you in getting your request granted by a judge. Lastly, courts consider any potential negative impacts on both parents and/or children when considering relocation requests; if there’s any chance that granting your request could harm either of them then it will likely be denied.


Relocating with your child after being granted custody can be an important part of starting fresh and moving forward with life after divorce or separation but doing so isn't always easy—especially when trying to get approval from a court of law for such a move. It’s important for anyone who wishes to relocate with their child after receiving custody rights to understand why such requests are often denied and which factors can increase their chances of success in having their request granted by a judge. If you need legal assistance regarding a family law issue like this one in Orlando contact Ilvento Law Firm today! They are experienced professionals ready and willing to help you with all your legal needs!

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