Navigating Divorce and Estate Planning in Orlando, FL

Navigating Divorce and Estate Planning in Orlando, FL

Navigating Divorce and Estate Planning in Orlando, FL


Divorce is not just a significant emotional challenge but also a critical time for financial and legal considerations, especially concerning estate planning. In Orlando, FL, where laws specific to the state impact divorce proceedings and estate management, understanding how to protect your assets and plan for the future becomes paramount. This guide explores critical aspects of divorce and estate planning, highlighting the importance of consulting with a collaborative law attorney in Orlando, FL, such as Ilvento Law.


The Impact of Divorce on Estate Planning

Divorce can significantly alter the landscape of your estate planning. It’s crucial to review and possibly revise your will, trusts, power of attorney, and healthcare directives to reflect your current wishes. Often, spouses are named in crucial roles within these documents, and a divorce necessitates a change to ensure that your estate planning aligns with your new life circumstances.

Key Areas to Consider:

  1. Beneficiary Designations: Life insurance policies, retirement accounts, and other financial instruments often require you to name a beneficiary. Following a divorce, these designations should be reviewed and updated to reflect your current intentions.
  2. Wills and Trusts: Legal separation or divorce is a critical time to revise your will and any trusts to ensure they reflect your current wishes and circumstances. You may need to change the executor of your will or the trustee and beneficiaries of any trusts.
  3. Powers of Attorney and Healthcare Directives: If your spouse was named as your attorney-in-fact or healthcare surrogate, consider appointing someone else to make financial or medical decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so.

Collaborative Law and Estate Planning

Collaborative law is a resolution process that emphasizes mutual respect and open communication. In the context of divorce and estate planning, a collaborative law attorney in Orlando, FL, can facilitate discussions to ensure that both parties reach amicable agreements regarding the division of assets and future estate planning considerations.

Benefits of Collaborative Law:

  • Reduced Conflict: The collaborative process is designed to reduce conflict and encourage cooperative solutions, preserving relationships and making it easier to co-parent effectively if children are involved.
  • Control and Privacy: Collaborative law keeps sensitive financial and personal matters private, unlike the public nature of court proceedings. It also gives both parties more control over the outcome.
  • Comprehensive Support: Collaborative law professionals, including attorneys, financial advisors, and mental health professionals, work together to support all aspects of your transition, including estate planning.

Finding a Collaborative Law Attorney in Orlando, FL

When seeking a collaborative law attorney in Orlando, FL, for divorce and estate planning matters, it’s essential to choose someone experienced in both areas. Ilvento Law, with a focus on collaborative divorce and estate planning, can provide the guidance and support you need during this challenging time.

What to Look for in an Attorney:

  • Experience and Specialization: Ensure the attorney has significant experience in collaborative law as well as in estate planning, particularly in scenarios involving divorce.
  • Approachability and Communication: Your attorney should be someone you feel comfortable discussing personal and sensitive information with and who communicates clearly and effectively.
  • Reputation and References: Look for an attorney with positive reviews from past clients, especially in cases similar to yours. References should speak to the attorney’s competence and compassion.


Divorce is a life event that necessitates a thorough review and revision of your estate planning documents. Engaging a collaborative law attorney in Orlando, FL, who understands the nuances of both divorce and estate planning, can ensure that your assets are protected and your wishes are clearly articulated for the future. Ilvento Law offers the expertise and sensitive approach needed during such a pivotal time. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you in navigating these complex matters with confidence and peace of mind.

For more information and to schedule a consultation, reach out to Ilvento Law. We’re here to help you secure your future and ensure your estate planning reflects your current situation and future aspirations.

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