Parental Child Abduction: How to Deal with It

Parental Child Abduction: How to Deal with It

Parental Child Abduction: How to Deal with It


Parental child abduction is a heartbreaking and traumatic experience that can happen to any family. It occurs when one parent illegally takes or retains a child from the other parent, without the consent of the other parent or proper legal authority. Parental child abduction is a global phenomenon, and it can happen to any family, regardless of their socio-economic status, nationality, or religion. However, as a parent, there are steps you can take to prevent parental child abduction or increase the chances of recovering your child if they are abducted. In this blog post, we will explore what parental child abduction is, the types of parental child abduction, how to prevent it, and what to do if it happens.


Types of Parental Child Abduction

Parental child abduction can be broadly classified into two types: domestic abduction and international abduction. Domestic abduction occurs when a parent takes a child to a different location within the same country without the other parent's consent. The abducting parent may take the child to evade an ongoing parental dispute, gain custody, or relocate the child permanently. International abduction, on the other hand, occurs when a parent takes a child to another country without the other parent's consent. International parental abductions are more complex than domestic abductions because they involve different laws, languages, cultures, and political systems.

How to Prevent Parental Child Abduction

The best way to prevent parental child abduction is to maintain open communication with the other parent and reach an amicable parenting arrangement. If you sense that the other parent might abduct your child, seek legal counsel and obtain a court order that outlines your child's custody, visitation, or travel restrictions. Additionally, you may consider enrolling your child in the Prevent Departure Program by contacting the Department of State. The Prevent Departure Program notifies the authorities of a potential abduction and prevents the abducting parent and child from leaving the country.

What to Do If Parental Child Abduction Happens

If you suspect that your child is abducted by the other parent, you should act promptly and contact the authorities immediately. It is also helpful to have documentation that shows the other parent's intent to abduct the child, such as emails, text messages, or other written evidence. If your child is abducted to another country, you should contact the US Department of State's Office of Children's Issues. They can provide you with the necessary legal and procedural information to locate and recover your child.



Parental child abduction is a traumatic experience for both parents and children. However, with the right legal and procedural measures, you can increase the chances of preventing or recovering your child from abduction. If you need assistance with family law practice in Orlando, FL, contact Ilvento Law today for more information. Our experienced attorneys can help you navigate the complex legal landscape and provide you with the tools and resources to protect your parental rights and your child's wellbeing.

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