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Divorce and other family law issues can be emotionally and financially draining. Yet these issues are so personal and crucial to creating your new future that they demand your best effort. While many couples can only “battle it out” in court, others can find a more humane and peaceful way to resolve issues through collaborative law.

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Ilvento Law, P.A. offers skilled and caring collaborative law guidance and counsel for those who wish to handle divorce and other family law disputes through a private, more amicable process. Our Orlando collaborative lawyer is a Board Certified Specialist in Marital and Family Law which gives you an additional layer of security in legal proficiency. We welcome the prospect of helping you maintain control of the legal process while you plan a better future for yourself and your family.

How the Collaborative Law Process Works

The collaborative law process is one that takes place privately outside the courtroom. Couples meet on neutral ground with each party retaining his or her own legal counsel throughout. Other professionals may be utilized as well, such as financial advisors, real estate experts, child psychologists, and others so that you will more fully understand every aspect of your divorce or other issue. This ensures that you will be fully equipped to make the best decisions concerning your future.

All parties will meet in four-way sessions during which you will resolve your dispute through constructive communication and goal-oriented problem-solving. Collaborative law attorneys are specially trained to facilitate this process. You will also engage in private consultations with your own family law attorney as needed for guidance and counsel. The process is designed to allow you to maintain control over the outcome instead of having a judge make these decisions for you. It is more efficient and cost-effective and less stressful than the traditional courtroom process.

The collaborative process can be used in all family matters, including:

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Our firm is here to help you resolve your family law disputes in the most constructive way possible. With the expertise of our Orlando collaborative law attorney, you can move through your divorce or family law issue with less anxiety and greater understanding and control.

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